World’s #1 Fastest Safest Way to Send A Fax Online by Google Fax Services For Free

World’s #1 Fastest Safest Way to Send A Fax Online by Google Fax Services For Free

If you own a small business and every now and then you have to send faxes immediately to the client or to the office employee but you don’t have a fax machine. You are sick and tired of bugging the workers in office to fax the documents. You are at the right place, now you don’t have to worry about this matter anymore. We have a perfect solution for you.

Google being the most used search engine has incorporated the fax service into its products like Gmail and Google drive. Now you can fax directly from the Gmail account without wasting your time.

You need an online fax service to act as a gateway to send fax from Gmail to fax machine. Now there are many faxing services available in the market but you only get what you pay for. Here we will tell you about the features of one of the best online faxing services. You have to make sure that the online fax service meets your requirements.

Online Google fax services

Online Google fax services are those softwares that send and receive fax by using Google platforms and mailing service and the most recommended one is Gmail. Now you can send fax directly from Google drive.

These online fax services are free from the requirements of a dedicated landline and fax machine. With the development of digital technology, now it is possible to send and receive fax online within minutes.

Our recommendation is CocoFax, which has established itself as the best online fax service, according to Google Fax Free.

Google Fax Free is a place that answers all questions like ‘how to send a fax online?’, as it’s the perfect blog site and has all the details about online fax services. You can visit Google Fax Free to have a complete know-how of these amazing online faxing tools.

CocoFax- reliable, economical, convenient:

Why is CocoFax the first choice? Well it provides you a free fax number when you sign up for a one month free trial. This fax number is required for sending and receiving the fax both nationally and internationally. With CocoFax, to send a fax online by Google fax services is super easy.

CocoFax has a wide storage capacity. Many online faxing services provide limited storage capacity like up to 100 faxes storage capacity. You can read faxes anytime you want for the life of your account. CocoFax provides fool proof security to the messages transferred by using CocoFax. CocoFax is integrated with many clouds and in case of android or iPhone you can install apps to use CocoFax.

CocoFax has the ability to send mass faxes without any hurdle. It supports a large number of famous formats. Now you don’t have to keep the device on all the time, your faxes will be sent to the inbox automatically.

Why Google fax number is required by CocoFax

Google fax number is provided by CocoFax free of cost. This fax number is like a email address which is required by the person to send any fax to you. If you want to send a fax you have to enter the fax number of the recipient.

According to conventional methods fax numbers are assigned by a separate telephone line. But with CocoFax no landline or call to telephone operator is required. You can get this number online. you can choose toll free number, vanity number, local fax number or any easy to remember number.

How to send fax via CocoFax

Send fax via Google fax service-Gmail

You can learn to fax via email by following these few steps.

Step 1: on CocoFax official site sign up for one month free trial

As the first step, select the fax number. This will be your customized free fax number.

Next, enter the email address you want to use to send and receive the fax from other people.

Step 2: after signing up go to the email account and if you want to send a fax click on the ‘compose new email’ option in the top left corner.

Step 3: after clicking a new window will open. Here you have to draft the new fax.

To field: in this field you enter the email address of the recipient while sending an email. Now you have to enter the fax number of the recipient followed by if the fax number is 123456 you will type

Subject field: it is up to you to enter anything in this field.

Email body: if you type something in this field it will become the cover page of the fax.

Attachment: the documents you want to fax are attached here. If the documents are in hardcopy you can scan them with a scanner or take pictures with your smartphone and convert them into a softcopy. Attach the file directly from the computer or smartphone. There is no need to print these documents.

Step 4: after drafting the fax review it and click on the ‘send’ button.

You will receive the confirmatory email in your inbox. Without any delay you will be notified of the successful delivery of the fax. If not, then recheck the fax number and try again.

Receive the fax via email by using CocoFax:

You will receive the fax automatically within your inbox. CocoFax will receive the fax and convert it into a digital file and save it in your inbox. You can read them whenever you want. CocoFax has a wide storage capacity where many online fax services provide limited storage capacity.

You will be notified of the fax in your inbox and there is no way of missing a fax even if the PC or phone is off.

Send fax from Google drive by using CocoFax:

How many business professionals want to send the Google drives directly without downloading or copying. CocoFax has made it possible by integrating with the Google drive platform.

This process is made easy for you to perform in these few steps.

Step 1: sign up for the 30 day free trial on CocoFax official site. Here you will get your free fax number.

Step 2: after signing up one thing you need is CocoFax add-on. You can download it and after that everything will be done automatically. This add-on will be merged with Google docs.

Step 3: Now open the document you want to fax, take a look if it is according to your requirement, go to the menu bar of the document and click on the add-on option. Here you will see the cocofax-addon.

Click on that add-on and hit the send button.

Step 4: a separate send window will open beside your Google documents. you have to enter the CocoFax credentials of your account to sign in. After that enter the fax number of the recipient, any cover page if you want and once you are done click on the send option.

You will be notified of the successful delivery of the fax.


Google is not just used as a search engine but it is making faxing easy, fun and professional. By using CocoFax you can use its feature of fax to email and fax from Google drive which will add to your professionalism and save a lot of time and energy. Now you don’t have to waste time on printing the documents out, you can send multiple files directly from your computer. CocoFax supports mass faxing without any downtime. Its unique set of features is perfect for any business organization or solo worker.